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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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  • Roads Blog Post #9
    So if you know me you would know I love children’s movies. I find enjoyment lighthearted cartoon movies. In particular lately I have enjoyed Moana. Moana inspired this post. Moana had destiny placed on her from inheritance to be Chief but her real destiny was to save tribe for generations. But her father feared her… Continue reading Roads Blog Post #9
  • I Need Understanding Blog Post #8
    I Need Understanding The mind is a powerful thing. I have heavily been a person my whole life caught up in my mind or my thoughts. It’s been a place of comfort but confusion. Do you ever get caught up in understanding? I think I try to find understanding in all things. I often get… Continue reading I Need Understanding Blog Post #8
  • The Masterpiece Blog Post #7
    When you think of butterflies what do you think about? You may think about the dance. (If you were born in a certain age range) The insect of course! Then there is the phrase I have butterflies in my stomach. Then for me, butterflies are God’s Masterpieces like me. Like butterflies, I’m not mentioned in… Continue reading The Masterpiece Blog Post #7
  • Chosen Blog Post #6
    Blog Post #6 Have you been chosen? So there is a bible study that Joyce Meyer released on the book of Ephesians. The first line of the study is “Everyone wants to be chosen”. Every time I read that I feel it in my soul. So I started to think about what does it mean… Continue reading Chosen Blog Post #6
  • Blog Post #5 Broken Crayons Still Color
    Life is so fragile but yet beautiful. It’s so painful but yet so peaceful. Lately, I haven’t felt inspired to write. But something dropped in my spirit today broken crayons still color. You might think you don’t have it all together so I can’t go forth but just because your broken doesn’t mean don’t color.… Continue reading Blog Post #5 Broken Crayons Still Color