Dear Black Girl
I thought I should pen this letter for you. You are magic because you are mystical. Your depth is not defined by the color of your skin. You may not know it now but the color of your brown tone doesn’t define you. You are called to great things as so you choose rather it’s the boardroom or the hair salon. Rather, it be you are pushing a broom or making a broom. It will be times you doubt yourself because society will tell you bad things. You will see images that don’t protect your image. They will tell you don’t rock your natural hair or your wig. But you are not your hair. It may be times they will tell you’re angry but your not. They will tempt you to think your body is not good enough. But honey your curves or lack thereof doesn’t define you. You may follow trends but you were born to start them. Many times in school you won’t see faces like you in your books or even teaching you. You may seem or factually be the minority but honey you shape the majority. Hey, baby girl, I know you have to be on alert because of human trafficking and our poor justice system. But learn to trust, love and be anchored in faith. It will be times you feel invisible like a silent majority. But when I tell you, honey, you are great because you can reach heights we never dreamed of in this era. You don’t have to hide your greatness. You are indestructible, enviable, mythical and worthy.

With Love
Signed Black Women

On My Knees
Living Water
Double Portion
Inspired by the scripture Psalms 23
Inspired from Beauty and the Beast

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